Disaster Preparedness

These following links are designed to guide you through the basic steps of preparing for a local or area-wide disaster, as well as executing the necessary actions to stay alive during and after a major catastrophe.


There are some assumptions that citizens must be aware of when a disaster strikes. These assumptions are:

  1. Fire, police, medical and ambulance services may be unable to respond to residential and industrial areas for at least 72 hours following a major catastrophe, because roadways generally may be impassable.
  2. Hospitals may be full to overflowing with victims from the immediate vicinity who can reach these medical facilities by walking or by driving extremely short distances.
  3. Material needs, such as water, food, blankets, etc., will not be available from local or federal government sources for at least 72 hours after the disaster occurs.
  4. Electrical power, natural gas, water, sewer and telephone services may be virtually or completely unavailable.
  5. If the family home is unable to provide structurally safe shelter, move in with friends, setup shelter outside the home, or possibly, if conditions allow you to get there, move into a motel.


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